Thank you for your interest in Sacred Heart School! As a parent who is considering a Catholic School for your son or daughter, you are making two very positive statements about yourself and your attitudes toward education. First, you are saying that education is very important to you and your child. In fact, it is so important that you are willing to pay for your child’s education. Second, you are saying that you want a school that will educate the spirit as well as the intellect.

At Sacred Heart School, you are choosing an environment that emphasizes Catholic values; an atmosphere that fosters reverence, respect, and responsibility. We welcome the opportunity to invite your child and your family into the Sacred Heart community! Sacred Heart selects those whose applications, recommendations, and testing indicate that they can succeed here academically and will be contributing members of our community.

We encourage you to visit our school and see for yourself what makes us stand apart. To take a tour, and meet the admission staff, please call the Admissions Office at (831) 771-1310.