Parents Club

What is the Sacred Heart School Parent’s Club?

EVERY parent of a child that attends Sacred Heart School is a Parent’s Club member. The SHS Parent’s Club holds meetings monthly so that interested parents can discuss how they can help to plan fun events for our children and to fundraise for the betterment of the school.

What Events Does the Parent’s Club Sponsor?


  • The Back To School Barbeque
  • Halloween Parade
  • ‘Safe Halloween Night’
  • The Fall Gala / Open House
  • The Walk-A-Thon
  • Eat-Out Fundraising Events
  • Spring Fling Dance
  • Any other events that the school wants to come together to offer such as Movie Nights, Roller Skating Nights, etc.
  • Organize athletic opportunities for the students.

When Are the Meetings?

The Parent’s Club strives to make the meeting time minimal, but in order to pull off events, it is necessary to try to meet once a month. Meetings are held either in the evenings or in the mornings, right after drop off (we are currently trying to find the meeting time that works best for all – suggestions are welcomed and appreciated)! Reminders are sent out 2 to 3 days ahead of
time so that you can plan accordingly!

Where Are the Meetings?

They are usually held in the Teacher’s Lounge at the School
Does It Cost Anything to Join the Parent’s Club?
It costs NOTHING to join (besides your time)!

What Benefit Does the Parent’s Club Provide Back to the School?

The money raised by the Parent’s Club has a LARGE impact on our school!!! Over the past 5 years the Parents Club has made contributions toward or paid for facility improvements such as landscaping the front of the school, new windows for the front office doors and all the classrooms, new carpet and linoleum in the TK, K, 1, 2, and 3 classes. They also raised money to help purchase the SMART boards, documents cameras, and classroom response systems. They also give $3000 a year toward athletic equipment for PE and recess. Last year they also raised money to go toward equipment for the new Science lab.

What Benefits Does the Parent’s Club Provide to the Parent’s?

The Parent’s Club allows parents to become immediately involved in understanding what is going on at the school. The principal provides an update at each meeting of recent updates that directly affect the school such as building and maintenance changes, policy changes and/or updates on future planning for the school. Additionally, you can meet other SHS Parent’s and become involved with the planning of events at the school…. YOU can have a DIRECT impact on what happens at Sacred Heart!

We are currently in need of parent’s who are interested in improving our school to attend parent’s club meetings and to assist with events. In attending these meetings, you are able to meet new parent’s and to become more engaged with the school. We promise that you will enjoy it!

SHS 2016 Parents Club Bylaws